We maintain close partnerships with farmers and breeders

In the kitchen, we only work with seasonal ingredients, vegetables, fruits and herbs that are grown at the given time of year by our local suppliers. We visit the farmers regularly and they visit us to share our experiences from the field and the kitchen. If something grows in excess of the growers’ expectations, we accommodate them and process the surplus. This is also part of maintaining good relationships between chefs and farmers.

Every ingredient a supplier provides is an original

Beef is supplied by Amaso from Jeneč but we also get it from Farm Rudimov in the Bílé Karpaty mountains or from Havlíkův Dvůr in Český Ráj. Our favorite suppliers include Radomír Dvořák, who keeps bees and bottles honey for us in the Kokořínsko region, or Karel Jonák from the Oil Mill in Petráveč, where they press vegetable oils in cold storage and grow Czech cumin and white poppy.

Mushrooms from deep forests and fruit from Czech orchards

While in the summer, we slowly prepare for the winter and preserve, compote and pickle fruits and vegetables, in the spring and autumn months, we work with experienced picker Martin Mňuk, who is at home in the forest. Our favorites from his finds include boletes, chanterelles, red foot boletes and horn of plenty. We get our summer and autumn supply of Czech shiitake from a family farm in Čelákovice.